Simone White's album Silver Silver

Silver Silver (Honest Jon's 2012)


CD/LP: Flowers In May / Big Dreams And The Headlines / Never Be That Tough / We Didn't Know / Silver Silver / What The Devil Brings / Long Moon / In The Water Where The City Ends / Star / Frogs / Now The Revolution / Bonnie Brae / Every Little Now And Then


Simone White's album yakimo

Yakiimo (Honest Jon's 2009)


CD/LP: Bunny In A Bunny Suit / Candy Bar Killer / Victoria Anne / Baby Lie Down With Me / Yakiimo / A Girl You Never Met / Without A Sound / Train Song / Your Stop / Olivia 101 / Let The Cold Wind Blow / St. Louis Blues


Digital - Additional tracks: Freight Train / Psalms / You Are Loved

Simone White's album I am the Man

I am the Man (Honest Jon's 2007)


CD/LP: I Didn't Have Any Summer Romance / Worm Was Wood / The Beep Beep Song / The American War / Roses Are Not Red / Great Imperialist State / Mary Jane / You May Be In Darkness / Sweetest Love Song / We Used To Stand So Tall / Why Is Your Raincoat Always Crying? / Only The Moon / I Am The Man


LP - Additional tracks: Soldier Sailor / Dirty Old Town / Haven't Got A Dollar To Pay Your House Rent Man

Simone White's Christmas Makes Me Blue

Christmas Makes Me Blue (Honest Jon's 2008)


7" Vinyl, A-side: Christmas Makes Me Blue, B-side: Blueprint

Simone White's album Simone White

The Sincere Recording Co. Presents (self-release 2003)


CD: America In '54 / Candy Bar Killer / Wrong About You / Mary Jane / Train Song / Soldier Sailor / I Didn't Have A Summer Romance / 66 Bell / Shots / Roses Are Not Red / Blueprint / Olivia 101


Eight of the twelve songs on this album were subsequently re-recorded and appear on I Am The Man and Yakiimo