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Roses Are Not Red

lyrics: Richy Vesecky music: Frank Bango


roses are not red

a still life never growing

the sun is not a source of light

and the wind will not be blowing

birds will die up in the sky

the sky that is not blue

everything is as it was

I never loved you


roses are not red

the rain has not been falling

and telephones ring unaware

of why we bother calling

no one there would ever care

to hear what we've been through

everything is in its place

I never loved you


your face so unremarkable

could never light this lonely town

your voice all but forgotten

does not echo every single sound

your eyes without expression

there's nothing special in that kiss

so why do I spend every night

dreaming of the things I'll never miss


no joy as spring arrives

there's nothing sad about you leaving

and I will live my life the same

though maybe this time without breathing

so look through these eyes that never cry

and any fool could see what's true

that roses are not red

and I never loved you