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Why Is Your Raincoat Always Crying?

lyrics: Richy Vesecky music: Frank Bango


why is your raincoat always crying

why does the hat on your head hang over your eyes

your white shirt is buttoned way up to the top

suspicious that zippers don't know when to stop

and they're certain that jacket is lying

why is your raincoat always crying


why is your nightgown so sad and sleepy

what is the secret your makeup refuses to tell

bright colours grow weary from years of neglect

brown scarf curls tight around your pretty neck

and just what is that sweater implying

why is your raincoat always crying


why does that old robe act like it's dying

why does it cling to your side hanging on for dear life

as you take off that dress and you put on the next one

each hopeful outfit will beg the same question

if going outside is really worth trying

then why is your raincoat always crying