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Your Stop

Your Stop

lyrics: Richy Vesecky music Frank Bango


every once in a while

I get off at your stop

and I climb up the stairs

to the neighborhood there

and I breathe in the air that you breathe

then I leave


every once in a while

I get off at your stop

and I wander around

through the sights and the sounds

like some sad aching man about town

then I go back down


I wish this train would just fly off the tracks

break every barrier and carry me back

into your arms

I paid my fare so please take me somewhere

somewhere that's gone


every once in a while

I get off at your stop

and I casually walk down the street

and I hope against hope that we'll meet

where I'll swear on my soul

and the concrete

that I simply forgot

I must have thought it was my stop