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Worm Was Wood

lyrics: Richy Vesecky music: Frank Bango


worm was wood

and snail was an ocelot

the deer in the headlights

was a marigold in bloom

lily was lamb

and a teardrop was a grain of sand

you were counting sweaters

while sheep were howling at the moon

earth was flat

and sugar fly was sewer rat

the leaves that are blowing

were still growing when we met

bird was bug

and Billy was a Beatle too

I was in love you

how quickly we forget

we forget the clothes we wear

were only fur and feathers

we held the world together without proof

we forget the lies we tell were yet to be invented

and we lived with only instinct and the truth

snake was stick

and branches were open arms

the tide came in and it covered up our bed

worm was wood

this used to be a neighbourhood

you made a promise

how quickly we forget

how quickly we forget